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Hello, my name is Stephen Bell. I am an Assistant Cub Scout Leader with the 5th Chichester Cubs and I run Round the Bend Racing.
What is box kart racing all about? Well, that’s best described by some of our Cubs:

“We had an amazing day at the Box Kart Supreme Championships!

We all met at Goodwood race track and it was a bit scary when we saw all of the other teams. We were lucky enough to have a brand new kart and we were all excited about trying it out. All of the Cubs on our team got together and planned who was going to steer and who was going to push. We had a practice but then the real competition started. We all tried our very best and really hoped that we would do well. There were lots of races against the other teams and we reached the quarter finals……then the semi-finals………and then we reached the final and WE WON!

We had so much fun. It was an amazing day that all of us from the Funtington & West Stoke Cubs will never forget!”

“I really enjoyed box kart racing. It taught me to work as a team and concentrate on getting it right plus having good fun at the same time. This helped us to win races.”
Simon Burgess, 5th Chichester Cub Scout 2012

“The excitement builds up from the first heat onwards!”
Jack Dean, 5th Chichester Cub Scout 2012

“Box kart racing is a fun and exciting sport. I found Box Kart racing very enjoyable and competitive. If you train hard and listen to what Stephen tells you to do, put in your all, you can beat the strong teams and win the Championships.”
Samuel Smith, 5th Chichester Cub Scout 2012

“Box Kart racing is an amazingly entertaining sport for cubs which brings out the competitiveness in absolutely anyone. It is a brilliant team building exercise, great fun and a very enjoyable day out.”
Edward Taylor, 5th Chichester Cub Scout 2012

“Box Kart racing was utterly thrilling and exciting. The speed that you get to is immense which makes it incredibly exhilarating. The training really helped me because I was taught how to steer and control the kart which helped with my confidence on the day. We got to race in fantastic karts at Goodwood . I had such an amazing day racing, the only sad part is that now I am a scout I won’t be able to race next year!”
Isaac Thomas, 5th Chichester Cub Scout 2012

“It was great and very exciting. I had a great time with Freddie, Finley and Ryan we made a good team. I really liked driving the best! I can’t believe we came third, we were a man down and it was the first time for all of us! I would love to do it again.”
Jack Page, 5th Chichester 2013

“The excitement builds though the day. We needed strategy and skill to beat really tough competition”

Joshua Saunders 5th Chichester 2013

“It was AWESOME!
THE BEST DAY EVER! I was in the ASPHALT ALLIGATOR team with Finley, Jack and Ryan. It was a great team because we all worked together and had fun. Also our team manager was excellent – especially when he treated us to an ice cream! I had never pushed a box cart or driven one before the day but our team managed to come third. Jack was an excellent driver. We raced other teams from all over the country; some of my friends from other cub packs were in the carts we raced against. I also made some new friends from different cub packs who were cheering us on and giving us high fives when we finished. My best bit of the day was beating Felpham’s  Defender cart which was super-fast, but we were faster! My second best bit of the day was receiving my trophy for coming third; it’s on my mantelpiece at home now.”
Freddy Thomas, 5th Chichester 2013

“We did a short amount of training during the cubs St George’s Day sleepover weekend. Our box cart was called COUGAR CHAOS and in my group I had Sam, Josh and Ollie. We raced against many teams. The circuit was a figure of eight with tyres in the middle. Some teams crashed their carts but somehow we didn’t! It was very exciting and I really enjoyed myself.”
James Rainsford, 5th Chichester 2013

Round the Bend Racing was formed in 2007 as a result of a request from the GSL at 2nd Tangmere Cub Pack. It started with the construction of some karts to race, but I quickly became aware that Cubs were in need of a formal training programme before they were let loose in competition against other Cub Packs.Left is a photo taken at Aldershot Raceway. At this event the trained team from 2nd Tangmere beat the un-trained 5th Chichester 5-0 in a match race. Training was required!After training the 5th Chichester Cubs have become the only pack to have won both the County and the Supreme Championships in one year. Proof that training works.If you are a Cub Leader and wish to get involved in box kart racing, I run a training session which can be arranged to suit your requirements.Round the Bend Racing will provide everything required, including two karts, electronic starting system and safety equipment. There is no charge for this training, as we are a non-profit making part of 5th Chichester Cub Pack.If you require more information please contact me on 01243 789131 or email me at addition to the above if you would like to have a try at box kart racing without the effort of building your own kart, Round the Bend Racing can arrange for the loan of a kart for the day.

Some other packs who have had Round the Bend Racing training:
  • 2nd Tangmere (County Championship runners up 2008, Aldershot Track Champions 2009/2011 plus Supreme Champions in 2008/2009/2010)
  • 2nd Southwater (Horsham)
  • West Stoke and Funtington
  • 1st Feltham (Sea Scouts)
  • 8th Chichester
  • 2nd Southwick (Brighton)
  • 1st West Leigh (Hampshire)
  • 1st Southbourne(Sea Scouts)
  • Lavant Valley
  • 1st Effingham (Surrey)
  • 1st Westbourne
Competition  wheels and axles supplied to your requirements.

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