Supreme Box Kart Championship Rules

There are a few Rules and Regulations that we will expect teams to adhere to during the Supreme Box Kart Championship 2017. For full details please contact Stephen Bell.

A typical soap-box cart is made of a wooden chassis and has 4 wheels, arranged as a fixed rear axle, and a steerable front beam axle – usually with a very simple single central pivot. A seat is arranged at the back, and perhaps the seat area is enclosed, as in the original soap-box design. More sophisticated designs might employ a fully enclosed wooden body. The types of wheels employed vary according to what can be obtained easily – wheels from baby carriages, pushchairs, prams, and discarded bicycles being common. Ready-made wheels are also available from hardware suppliers. Steering is typically actuated using a rope connected to the ends of the steerable beam.

NOTE: The rules below are not to make things difficult, but to clarify the current situation. Most of below is currently used; the rest is common-sense.

Event Format for Cubs Box Kart Racing

  1. The event may take place on a flat coarse with at least two bends (no downhill racing is permitted).
  2. Figure of eight is allowed, but a competent marshal must be on hand at the cross over.
  3. The figure of eight will have a white line to divide the two team, each lane is approx 2 metres wide.
  4. If a cart’s wheel crosses the white line during a race then the team will be penalised 2 points (at the steward’s discretion).
  5. The distance from start to finish will be between 100 and 200 metres.
  6. This can be increased for semi-final and finals etc. (i.e. extra lap or laps).
  7. The start and finish lines do not need to be in the same place.
  8. The start of the race will be a controlled standing start.
  9. Racing can be against the clock or ‘one on one’ for a win.
  10. All teams will move around the event area at walking pace only. Failure to do this will result in a penalty to the team’s score
  11. At all events the final decision will be of the stewards, clerk of the course, the lap scorers and the scrutineer.
  12. No cubs, scouts, leaders or members of the public will enter the racing area during any part of the event. This includes the starting area and finishing part of the raceway. The only exception to this is to assist cubs or kart at the start. They must leave the start area once the countdown starts.
  13. At the quarter final stage, if a pack has two teams they will be divided into separate quarter finals. This is done by drawing from two hats, both teams go in one hat.


 Cub Teams

  1. Teams to be made from any cubs from the pack, no age restrictions
  2. During racing the kart will be driven by one and propelled by one or two cubs.
  3. A team can consist of between three and six members from the same pack, unless the organizers have given permission for a Wild Card team (i.e. mixed pack), this team would be unable to qualify for quarter, semi of finals win overall and would only be done to allow cubs to race who don’t have a team or kart.
  4. A cub may only race in one team. No changing from A to B team for example.
  5. A pack may only enter 2 teams. (Teams will be identified by simple A and B).


 Box Kart Construction

  1. Where possible, construction should keep within the spirit and history of box karting, and use recycled or scrap parts.
  2. The karts must be of wooden chassis construction with a minimum wheelbase (i.e. from centre of axles) of 60cm (600mm)
  3. The overall width must not exceeded 90cm (900mm). This is to include push bars and any airfoil or wings used.
  4. No other restrictions are made to size of karts.
  5. Steering is to be by rope , fitted to each side of a centre-pivoting axle.(String is not allowed).
  6. The steering should have a limit stop so that legs/feet cannot be trapped. (A simple rubber door stop does the job).
  7. Karts must have four wheels and tyres. (No tricycles)
  8. Wheels and tyres can be from either a pram/ pushchair, bicycle type or wheel barrow. Minimum size of wheels is 6 inch /152mm diameter. If rear bicycle wheels are used, they must have the rear sprocket removed.
  9. Axles should be made of steel only. (No plastics or aluminium) Axle diagrams are available when requested.
  10. Axles must be fitted using bolts or screws. No nails are allowed in construiction. The front axle should be bolted or screwed to a piece of wood between the axle and the chassis. The axle will be a one piece unit. If any pieces are welded together, i.e. fixing brackets, this becomes part of the axle. Both axles will be the width of the kart.
  11. Any body work used is to be made of wood only. This is to include any wing or airfoil used.
  12. A cub should not be able to come out of the kart sideways. If a seat with sides is not used, a side bar or body panel should be fitted to prevent this happening
  13. Pushing by the seat is NOT permitted. A push bar is recommended and the minimum height for this from the ground is 75cm (750mm). The push bar should be made of wood or steel only.
  14. A driver may only sit in the upright position, no lying down to steer.
  15. You may fit a lap type strap, but it must be an approved seat belt. I.e. as fitted in rear of most cars.
  16. Nails must not be used in the construction of the cart – bolts and screws only.
  17. Karts should have no sharp edges or protruding fixings.
  18. All karts must display their pack details (i.e. 16th Croydon)
  19. Any pack that has previously won a major box kart event must display this on their kart. (i.e. 1965 county champions)
  20. If a kart fails scrutineering on the day it will NOT be allowed to race.


Safety Equipment for Teams

  1. Drivers shall wear a helmet of a cycle type or similar. Please ensure helmets are correctly fitted. Helmets for pushers is optional.
  2. All members of the team should wear gloves (again cycle type or similar)
  3. Footwear should be trainers or trainer type. (Flip-flops, sandals or crocks are not allowed)
  4. Long trousers are recommended ,but not compulsory.
  5. Team tee shirts or polo shirts are permitted.

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